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Speech of Master Graduates Jan 2014


Dear Prof. Marianne Claes, Dean of Solvay Brussels School Vietnam

Dear Prof. Trần Thọ Đạt, Vice-President of National Economics University

Dear Prof. Hoàng Văn Hoa, Director of International School of Management and Economics

Professors, Distinguish guests,

Friends and my dearest fellow students.

It’s such a great honor for me to stand here today, at this graduation ceremony, on behalf of 114 new graduates from MPM 7, MBA 11, MMBF1, MMA1 and others to have a few words with you all.

First of all, I would like to express our sincere thanks to Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, the National Economics University – International School of Management and Economics, especially to our eminent professors and to the well-organized administration team for your tremendous efforts in making the two years such a worthwhile experience for us. I also would like to thank the coordinators who followed our classes since the first day of the program to this moment and gave many supports and encouragements to us; thank staff in building D2 who helped us renew our energy to be able to absorb the knowledge from professors after exhausted working time at the office.

Dear professors, distinguished guests, dear friends,

As you may know, the past two years have seen us all working incredibly hard to balance between academic, professional and personal commitments. However, we have managed to go through all those challenges and to be able to make it here today. It was a long road to go when we first began, but as we stand here at this moment, seeing time flies, feeling accomplished and mature, the same road seems so short.

Although each of us may have different expectations at the beginning and the experience for us might not be the same, I believe that the study here has equipped us with up-to-date and valuable knowledge and skills that will surely be of help for us all on the path of success in the future. It has been a great privilege for us to have such an international-standard education right here in Vietnam and our academic and professional achievements during the past two years have proven that Vietnam-Belgium Master Programs was definitely the right choice.

Beyond academic gains, the courses have also provided us with a big “plus” that we might not really expect before. The evening classes, although exhausting sometimes, have gradually become a source of pleasure with unforgettable moments of friendship, mutual learning and sharing, a lot of laughs, and a little chit chats sometimes.

Dear my fellow students,

At this moment, I believe that we are all feeling deeply proud, not only of this honor degree, but also of what we have done and the friendships we have made. This, without doubt, will be an initial momentum for us to overcome all challenges in the upcoming journey of life.

And yet, at this very moment, let’s us also remember that the journey ahead will not always be rosy. How could we apply lessons learnt from these Vietnam – Belgium programmes and be able to make meaningful contributions to the development of this country certainly is a big question. Our graduation today is a commencement, not an end-point. It is a firm foundation for us in the long way forwards.

Again, please allow me to reiterate our thankful appreciation to Viet Nam-Belgium Master Programmes and our promise to be sharp in the mind and strong in the heart, and stand ready for the new stage of life.

Thank you and wish you all a happy new year.

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