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SAFARI Masquerade II – elegant and luxurious.

Dr. PhanThủy Chi
Vice Director–ISME

Masquerade II this year was held in the hall of Hanoi Towers. With its sweeping staircase and luxurious red carpeted floor, this venue created a suitable arena for the beautiful young ladies and handsome young gentlemen of IBD to display and demonstrate their vivacity. They came here to see and be seen; to sparkle and express themselves in the best way. It was an opportunity for students to exhibit the beauty of their youth in a most elegant and opulent

Students of IBD@NEU program smiled brightly at Hanoi Tower’s hall in the Safari Masquerade 2012’s night

Within Safari Masquerade’s dance party framework, IBD’s Got Talent this year was organized under the format of “perfect couples”. This was a bigger challenge than last year as students had to find for themselves a suitable partner to show their talents effectively in harmonious performances. Every time a new recreational event is created for students, we understand that we are offering new opportunities as well as new challenges for them to experience and grow from.

The joyfulness when students received the rewards.

In Safari Masquerade this year, we - the teachers – also participated in a performance as a surprise present for the students. It started as a small gesture of support when the initial idea came up, and then became an act that could not be withdrawn. However, we were so busy that we could not prepare it carefully. Therefore, we promise that next year we will prepare a better performance. Anyway, this is also the time to share experiences with the students, to understand that behind every successful performance there always lies meticulous preparation, practice and tense and nervous moments - as well as shared happiness and encouragement.

Collective ISME’s teachers participated in the performance during Safari masquerade 2012’s dance party.

Despite busy learning schedules and the many other tasks which daily need to be managed and completed, the students actively and wholeheartedly engaged with their preparations and delivered impressive and delightful performances. Behind every performance were the preparations; from brain-storming and the selection of ideas, through performance design and practice to the selection of outfits, etc. and even the making of video clips to introduce the contestants. Completing all this was not a simple task as it competed with the demands of the normal daily work that still needed to be done. Congratulations to all who participated in the contest. You have made the best of the opportunities offered to you and have accomplished your goals. These activities will be meaningful for you and give you more confidence to continue your journey of conquering new challenges and achieving more success.

BABM students of IBD program brought along an interesting flashmob dance although time for practicing was quite short.

Each of the various outdoor activities of IBD brings a unique color with its own attributes. However, all have the same goal, which is to create a space and opportunity for students to train, to learn and to shine. Students not only learn how to work together, to make plans and realize them together, but also have chances to test their durability and to learn about responsibilities. These events also provide opportunities for students to create things together and to discover the best characteristics within each person and allow those characteristics to emerge and shine. In Safari Masquerade, the beauty of youth and the talented performances combined brilliantly and expressed themselves impressively on the red carpet of the luxurious hall, below the flashing lights of an imposing stage. In the upcoming Cool Summer event students will be tested with survival skills – the skill to survive in the natural circumstances of daily life. Hopefully we will see their eyes glowing with pleasure and enthusiasm when they themselves erect the camps, cook meals for each other, and contemplate the beauty of sweating shoulders or hair flying above rose tinted cheeks under the sun and the winds, in engrossing working hours…

Lively “Odd love” performance with creative back-up dance

Consequently, it is hoped that the series of activities that combine studying, working and participating in IBD will help students to experience a range of the many and varied circumstances of life. In this way, I further hope that you will learn many lessons, experience much happiness, grow in confidence and collect happy memories of your exciting life as an IBD student. My wish for each of you is that you will acquire rich and abundant knowledge of life through the days and nights you spend with your IBD friends, colleagues and teachers.

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