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IBD@NEU - International working and learning environment in Vietnam

On the occasion of 10th Anniversary of International Bachelor Degree Program at National Economics University, Prof. Dr. Trần Văn Nhung – General Secretary of the State Council for Professor Titles, Former Deputy Minister of Education and Training has shared his thought about IBD@NEU.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the IBD Program today, on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Training and the State Council for Professor Titles, I would like to warmly congratulate the International School of Management and Economics (ISME), the direct operator of this Program. I would also like personally congratulate Prof. Dr. Tran Tho Dat, President of NEU, Prof.Dr. Hoang Van Hoa, Dean of ISME and students who have attended this ceremony.

We have just listened to two speeches of the Vice President of NEU and the Dean of ISME. I enjoy listenning to both speeches since they have described thoroughly and consicely the 10 year journey of the Program, from vision to concrete implementations, from micro to macro aspects. Such perfection ‘troubles’ myself. It makes the 3rd speaker like myself anxious. What will I say, to add to such perfection? Then I realise I have to find a different way for my speech. I am delighted to hear about outstanding performance and achievements that the IBD Program has achieved for the past 10 years; in this ceremony, I would like to share some thoughts below:

I got the inspiration for my speech today from two sources of documents:

+ A sentence in a poem “Leisure” of a Vietnamese poet Cao Ba Quat (1808-1855): “the universe is communal but infinity is for oneself”. Roughly translating, it means an intelligent man with ego can explore timeless treasures of human wisdom. Especially in this era of IT / ICT today: sources for general wisdom of mankind are the world’s public archive. The wise ones are the one who knows how to make the full use of the internet, Google, such people process infinite richness.

If we apply the same concept in education in this era of globalisation today, we can see how it fits logically, i.e. many scientific journals and syllabus, curriculum of many universities, at undergraduate & postgraduate level, in natural sciences, technology, economics, business administration, etc. can be shared among the world. Whenever needed, we can pay lisence to use such resources. Thus, the presence of the University of Sunderland, the University of the West of England (UK), TEG (Singapore), the extensive cooperation of NEU with many universities around the world has been predicted by Cao Ba Quat over 150 years ago.

+ Looking up the dictionary, the word ‘University’ originated from the word ‘Universe’. Thus, whether it is the National Economics University or the University of Suderland, or the University of the West of England, etc., they are all from one root. Also, as an university, it is as independent as the universe, with its highest right of autonomy. Hence, the Government and MOET also have a lot of respect for this right and have placed NEU in the group of 14 national key universities. NEU is always among the top in economics universities of Vietnam, as so many people consider it ‘the Harvard of Vietnam’

We respect and appreciate the achievements that the Program has brought about in 10 years; not only has it contributed to enhance international cooperation of the University, strengthened the position of the University in the region and in the world, but also it has created a new model and an international working environment in Vietnam. So far, the Program has 7 successful graduated intakes, 7 of which are from business administration major and 2 of which are from economics major. Nearly 900 students of the IBD Program have received degree awards from the University of Sunderland and the University of the West of England.

Such cooperation programs as the IBD@NEU Program, from other national key universities, have played an important and practical role in “comprehensive changing and innovating the Vietnamese education system” according to Decision 29 of the Government. We believe that a comprehensive internationalisation for the Vietnamese education, keeping the Vietnamese values, is an effective solution to put Decision 29 into practice. Success lessions have been proven in the stage of construction and development, based on the internationalisation of human resources, in countries such as Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, etc.

Such international collaboration program like this, has played an effective role in preparing the human resource for Vietnam when joining the ASEAN Economic Community from 2016, as well as joining the TPP, APEC, WTO, etc. “The next 5 years will be the time that Vietnam has to comply with the commitments when joining ASEAN Community and WTO, participating in free trade agreements and in-depth integration. It requires the Party, the State and the People of Vietnam to actively seize the opportunity, to overcome great challenges during the process of integration.” (Extract from the Draft Report at the coming XII Party Congress). For this, we need to cooperate, to rapidly integrate with ASEAN and the world in education, science and technology; we need to take one step forward to prepare for such integration in order to assure our competitive competence and success.

The staff training abroad using State budget (hereinafter referred to as "Program 322") and other international cooperation training program of Vietnam relating to Program 322 was started 15 years ago. In the past 10 years, the IBD@NEU Program has coordinated very well with Program 322. These programs have made contributions to the construction and modernization of the country’s human resouces, especially the higher education teaching falcuties, young generation with speciality, fluent in English, skilled in IT/ICT.

Finally, many thanks to the NEU, ISME and other partners such as University of Suderland, University of the West of England (UK), TEG (Singapore) for your enormous contribution in improving education and training, science and technology and economy of Vietnam.

I wish ISME and NEU will continue to be the national leading university in economics and business administration. Wish you all good health and thank you.

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