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The International School of Management and Economics (ISME) at National Economics University (NEU) was established on 4th January 2011, based on the upgrade of Faculty of International Education. ISME plays an important role in the development and implementation of the University’s international cooperation strategy and integration. The School has contributed significantly to the development of the University as one of the national pivotal universities, a leading university in the areas of economics and business management. The international cooperation programs of the School are considered as effective channels for training technology transfer and providing our lecturers and staffs with international working environment.

1. Function and Mission of ISME

ISME is a unit with the main functions are building and implementing the international co-operative education program in economics, business management and administration in order to develop the strong point of NEU and head to build up NEU’s education program by itself which is accepted by international organizations.

Besides, ISME also has function of receiving, applying, and transferring educational technology, science research and consultant.

  1. For Society

ISME aims to provide society with managerial staff of international standard at undergraduate and postgraduate level in order to meet the requirements of the process of the national industrialization, modernization and international integration.

  1. For the National Economics University

ISME aims to actively support the regional and international integration of NEU through the creation of a diverse and active learning and teaching environment. ISME further aims to support the upgrade of material facilities, the update of curriculum and the improvement of the teaching and managerial capacity of NEU staff. This will be achieved through the development and implementation of international cooperative programs and internationally standardized education programs;

  1. For Students, Lecturers and Staff

ISME is to offer development opportunities for its students, lecturers and staff through the design and implementation of international cooperative programs and internationally standardized education programs;

2. History

Although ISME has established officially recently, it has gained considerable experiences with 15 years of working with international cooperative programs. Initiated as the International Programs Office in the Graduate School of NEU in mid 90s, the school then upgraded to Faculty of International Education in 2003 before ISME was formed in 2011.

a. 1995 to 2003: Office of International Project Management (OIPM), Faculty of Postgraduate; Center of Research, Technology Transfer, and International Co-operative Education (CRTTICE)

Since early 1990, National Economics University has set up a wide network of co-operative education with many famous universities in the world in order to satisfy the demand of educating economist and high quality management for innovating country process. At this time, Office of International Project Management at Faculty of Postgraduate (now is School of Postgraduate Education) was established in 1995 with the mission is developing and managing international co-operative postgraduate program. In 2001, OIPM was upgraded to Center of Research, Technology Transfer, and International Co-operative education.

b. 2003 to 2010: Faculty of International Education

On 25th October 2003, based on CRTTICE, NEU had decided to set up Faculty of International Education (FIE) with the mission is “Focusing on human resources, displaying the strong points of NEU in managing and developing co-operative programs and education projects with international universities and institutes, heads to building up international standard program by our own”.

c. 2011 to now: International School of Management and Economics

On 4th January 2011, the rector of NEU has got the determination, no 3 QD-DHKTQD-TCCB, which is established International School of Management and Economics based on FIE. The purpose of setting up ISME is to meet the high demand of developing co-operative education of NEU in innovate period. ISME has played a crucial role in developing and implementing research strategy, co-operative education and international integration of NEU.

Inheriting and developing these statements which are identified since early 1990; nowadays, ISME is managing directly two educational co-operation postgraduate programs, three educational co-operative undergraduate and educational programs which support for the regional civil servant. Through successfully implementing and completing educational co-operative programs, our School has raised the rank of NEU in international educational co-operation sector.

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